Monday, October 18, 2010

SOHO Motorsports Z/G Photoshoot

Check out the new Photos from this weekend's photoshoot of the SOHO Motorsports G and Z.  The Import Photoshoot was taken at Sumo Motorsport in Concord, NC. For even more photos check out the SOHO Facebook and K Parlett Racing FB. Enjoy!

STX Win - SCR AutoX at BMW Factory

After two days of awesome meets and photoshoots all over the Charlotte area on Friday and Saturday it was time to race on Saturday and prove that the #144 G35 is more go than show! Team SOHO headed down to the BMW Manufacturing Plant bright and early Sunday morning for the South Carolina Region SCCA Autox. With the tune perfected after the race at ZMax the #144 was strong right out of the gate and at the end our session we won STX with a 39.36. Here are some photos and video from the race -

Monday, October 11, 2010

1st Place STX at ZMax CCR #8

The #144 G35 has won again! And this time by its largest margin in Street Touring X class all year. We won by over a second, thanks to the brand new ecu tune from SOHO Motorsports! Using the Cobb Tuning Accessport V2 to connect to the stock Nissan ecu, Nik from SOHO plugged it into the AccessTuner Pro software and changed the map from the rich/safe base map that Cobb provided and created a new more aggressive map. The old Cobb Stage 2.1+ map was designed by Cobb as a standard base map for modified G's but it was created to be a safe map and ran on very rich A/F ratio's which was robbing the car of power and fuel. After tinkering with the software and doing some calculations SOHO created a much better map. The new SOHO map was a night and day difference! The power curve was much more consistent and allowed for more low end response and top end grunt. After taking a few test drives and data logging on Thursday evening we finally had the G35 with a proper tune, and I couldn't have been more excited to try it out at ZMax for the CCR SCCA Autox # 8! On race day the car felt so much more alive and the throttle response was infinitely better, allowing me to control the G much better than before and allowing me to stay in the high rpm range of the VQ35DE longer than before making it fun and fast to drive. Immediately after the first few runs i was over a second faster than the field that I'm normally with a few hundredths of second from. This new tune was amazing and I cant wait to see how well SOHO can tune the car when it finally gets built this off season! If you need any tuning or performance needs,  SOHO Motorsports is the place to go! In the meantime here is a video of the #144 G35!

2010 Knights Series STX Champion!

The 2010 Central Carolina Region Knights Series came to a close after the 5th and final night race at Charlotte Knights Stadium sponsored by Folger Subaru. Winning 4 out of the 5 events in STX the #144 G35 won the 2010 Championship!