Thursday, March 22, 2012

Installed: Stoptech Trophy Big Brake Kit



Thanks to our sponsors Assaultech and Stoptech for the awesome brakes! We will be testing these at VIR this weekend.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Road Atlanta Video!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stoptech Trophy Big Brake Kit

Thanks to Danny and the guys at Assaultech the #144 SOHO Motorsports G35 is getting a serious braking upgrade! Stoptech will be stoping the 3000lb+ G like its a go cart via a new set of track built 6 Piston Brake kit! Should be on the car within the month!

DSport Magazine DVD #24

Check out the SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 and interview with me on DSport DVD #24 poly bagged in April's DSport Magazine #114 on stands this now! 

Here is a preview of DVD #24 that DSport released

SCCA Central Carolina Region AutoX Test Day

Instead of VIR like our schedule says, we decided to test the new fuel cell in our backyard and old stomping grounds, SCCA Central Carolina AutoX! These guys are like family to me and if you've read the DSport feature yet then you know that I started out in this type of racing by autoxing for years and learning nearly everything I could about the car. We may be doing a different form of racing with the G these days but its always fun to go out with a road race setup and boost ramp meant for road courses and seeing how it translates to the tight and technical parking lot of ZMax. With the car having fuel pickup problems the week before at CMP we figured an autox would be the perfect test to see if the new bladder works. With 179 entries and under new management, the Central Carolina Region SCCA hosted one of the best auto crosses I have ever been too! Beautiful day, tons of cars, good people and great racing. Getting back to the roots is always a good way to spend a Saturday.

Photos courtesy of Outside the Garage

Fuel Cell Fixed!

Testing it out tomorrow at SCCA Central Carolina Region AutoX #1 at Z Max Dragway

On Track! Testing at CMP in 10 Degrees!

After all of the off season work and hype over the DSport Magazine feature and the big things happening at SOHO Motorsports it was finally time to go racing. We headed down to our hometown track, Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC, for the first NASA South East race of the year. With the transmission failure at VIR last year I was unable to compete at CMP because I needed one more weekend of DE to bump up so we were using the weekend as a test weekend for the extra boost and hp/tq we added over the offseason along with the new ATL Fuel cell and new Deatchworks 1000cc injectors. The weather was unbelievably cold, nearly 10 degrees and windy, so cold the electronics on the car weren't even responding but we took it out and put the car to work anyway. Unfortunately a few laps in we realized our fuel pickup in the bladder was not the correct one that we needed and just as quickly as our race weekend began, it was over... But just for fun here some awesome photos I got of the SOHO cars in the pits, and introducing the SOHO 350z! Enjoy

DSport Magazine Feature!

The SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 is featured in this months DSport Magazine #113. The 6 page feature has some pretty amazing photos of the car, history of me and how I came about building the car, the build process and also the inter workings of the machine itself. Pick up your copy on any news stand today and be sure to look for the next issue #114 featuring the G on DVD 24!