Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Race & Event Schedule Announced!

Visit the Schedule page for updated version.

Friday, December 7, 2012

SOHO 350Z at Atlanta Motorsports Park

   With SOHO Motorsports located in Charlotte, NC we get to enjoy certain luxuries. Nearly a dozen of world class tracks all withing a few hours of us and also South Eastern weather is pretty damn nice. These two things combined makes for a very happy racer, allowing for track days to go late into the year, making the proverbial offseason nearly non existent. The last such track day on our schedule was the iTrack Motorsports Santa Run 2012 Toys for Tots event at the brand new Formula 1 deisgned 16 turn roller coaster of a track that is Atlanta Motorsports Park. Hidden deep in the rolling hills of civil war land Georgia, this gem of a road course is planted in the middle of a beautiful forrest and upon opening on 2012 became one of the best road courses in America. Designed by Formula 1 track designer Tilton, AMP is a sprawling track with every type of turn possible all while making the driver keep his momentum through the massive elevation changes and varying 16 turns. I have had the pleasure to race around some of the best tracks on the east coast in the past two years and this one just might be on of my favorites. Nik said it reminded him of the F1 Abu Dhabi circuit that is famous in its own right. Either way AMP's awesome layout combined with the perfect Georgia December weather of 75 degrees and sunny and it makes for a perfect track day to showcase how amazing the SOHO Turbo Kit is on the SOHO Mule 350Z, driven by a very ready to tear shit up me haha.
  After tracking the SOHO 350Z around and IndyCar course at Barber Motorsports Park a few months back for Z Nationals, I knew the Z was quick but handled like a pig. So in preparation of the demanding course that AMP is known to be, we borrowed a few parts from the #44 Time Attack G35, currently down for maintenance. The Z is stock other than the SOHO VQ Premium Single Turbo Kit and KW Suspension V3 coilovers (setup from the stance event the weeks before.) With not quite enough time to put a full track setup and alignment on the car we tossed on the Volk TE37 SL's wrapped with sticky 305' Toyo R888's and also the Stillen sway bars and SPL Suspension end links off the G as well. With the added grip and the sway bars helping keep the car tidy around the corners the SOHO Mule 350Z was ready for track duty, but ther was one issue. The offset of the G wheels on the Z didn't quite match up perfect so we had to add a bunch of camber into the rear, reducing the contact patch size but limiting rub on the sidewall. Even after the first session we nearly killed the tires and had to bring it in and raise the car as high as it could go and even then it still rubbed a bit. Either way we fought through the rub and the day ended up being an epic track day around an epic track. The turbo kit was amazing again and the track was perfectly suited for it. From sun up to sun down and then some, the SOHO Motorsports VQ Single Turbo Kit held its own and was badass alllll day long! Check out the video above and below and also the KPR Youtube Channel!