Thursday, March 28, 2013

Racing Rubber: Hankook Ventus TD Tires!

Once again another amazing sponsors has bought into our 2013 #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 program, and this one is a good one; racing rubber! One of our newer sponsors Hankook Tire has supplied us with multiple sets of their Ventus TD racing tires! This season we will be in the limited class so our Hoosier slicks from last year wont be legal in that class as the tires for limited must be dot approved with a tread wear of 80 or more. "The Ventus TD utilizes RCSC (Racing Carbon Black Silica Compound) Technology, which was developed for an optimal balance of wet and dry grip performance in the Ventus F2000 Series used in Formula 3000. Ventus TD takes pure racing technology and adapts it for this Semi-Slick D.O.T. tire." - We cant wait to mount these up and put rubber to pavement at testing in a few weeks, be on the lookout for updates soon!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

KPR #44 Raceday Shirts!!!!

They are finally here and damn do they look good! As a Graphic Designer for my day job I am almost always critical of the designs I do for myself and usually after a few days lose interest, but these shirts..... I LOVE! And i'm hoping all of my fans and sponsors do as well. I have already sold a ton of them thanks to pre-sale orders and some sales this weekend via social media. And in the spirit of hoping to see these shirts on fans at all of the races I am going to continue to sell these for only $10!!!! In fact all of my KPR shirts are still on sale for only a Hamilton! Check out the KPR Store and buy yours today!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Forza Official!

Growing up I loved, loved, loved racing video games! And in my quest to be one of the fastest Time Attack racers on the planet I have grown to love racing games even more such as Forza, but only because it has some of the tracks I drive on and also has the car I drive. But to make it even better, thanks to some of my amazing fans from all over the world, my #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack Infiniti G35 is now at the fingertips of anyone with an XBox!!! Thanks to Jesper all the way from Denmark for designing an identical replica of the #44 car for all of us to enjoy! Make sure you download it on the Forza Storefront, and see what its like to be behind the wheel of my car! Its still unreal to me every time I get on and play but man is it neat. Thanks everyone, you guys really are the best fans!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Road to Redemption at Road Atlanta!

Awesome advertisement header on Global Time Attack's Website!

   Its almost that time of the year again. The SOHO Motorsports #44 G35 is nearly ready to race, testing will begin in a couple of weeks and racing a few after that but the biggest, most anticipated event on our calendar is Global Time Attack Round #1 at Road Atlanta! Our 'Road to Redemption" as i'm dubbing it, somewhat because I love me some alliteration but more importantly because this is the same event that we wrecked the car at the end of last years event. The car was doing great last year until a little too much throttle and a newly wet curb in turn 7 quickly got the car sideways and into the wall, ruining our great weekend and set us back for the rest of the year from the damage. We ran a 1:33 lap last year and with the new setup we are looking to do much better than that and hopefully on the podium in the Limited RWD Class.

   Come out to Road Atlanta on May 10-11th and cheer us on while enjoying an awesome weekend of some of the fastest Time Attack cars in the country and an awesome show put on by Formula Drift as well! Its one of the best events of the year and easily the most fan friendly one on the calendar, so come out, come by the pit and buy a shirt and root for us to do some work!

VQ Version 2! Engine Prep for 2013!

   During the offseason we decided to tear down the #44 SOHO Motorsport G35's VQ35DE Rev-Up engine and give everything a once over while we had a few months until our next race. The VQ hasn't been opened up since we built it two years ago and it has had many, many dyno pulls and laps on it in that time. We took the engine completely apart and took all of the components to our good buddy Daryl at our friends up the street; Joe Gibbs Racing. Working for TRD he know what he is doing when it comes to prepping the block and inspecting all of the pieces to ensure they are in perfect condition.

   Along with making sure the block, pistons, rods and everything else was good we have some new additions to the VQ thanks to our new sponsors. Jim Wolf Technology supplied our VQ35DE RevUp 272ยบ C8 Cams with their matched springs. And BC Brian Crower supplied us with larger valves and guides. With the new additions and the the valves honed for the larger size we were ready to put the engine back together with all new bearings, gaskets, bolts and studs. Here are some of the process photos of the rebuild. The full part list can be found here and if your interested in your own VQ build, or any other motor build for that matter, check out SOHO Motorsports.

   The engine should be dropping in the car very soon and we should have the car buttoned up and ready for on track testing within a few weeks. As for now our goals are a few test days in mid April at CMP and Road ATL and our first race at 100% will be the one and only Global Time Attack Round 1 on May 10-11th, 2013. Come on out and cheer us on!