Wednesday, March 20, 2013

VQ Version 2! Engine Prep for 2013!

   During the offseason we decided to tear down the #44 SOHO Motorsport G35's VQ35DE Rev-Up engine and give everything a once over while we had a few months until our next race. The VQ hasn't been opened up since we built it two years ago and it has had many, many dyno pulls and laps on it in that time. We took the engine completely apart and took all of the components to our good buddy Daryl at our friends up the street; Joe Gibbs Racing. Working for TRD he know what he is doing when it comes to prepping the block and inspecting all of the pieces to ensure they are in perfect condition.

   Along with making sure the block, pistons, rods and everything else was good we have some new additions to the VQ thanks to our new sponsors. Jim Wolf Technology supplied our VQ35DE RevUp 272º C8 Cams with their matched springs. And BC Brian Crower supplied us with larger valves and guides. With the new additions and the the valves honed for the larger size we were ready to put the engine back together with all new bearings, gaskets, bolts and studs. Here are some of the process photos of the rebuild. The full part list can be found here and if your interested in your own VQ build, or any other motor build for that matter, check out SOHO Motorsports.

   The engine should be dropping in the car very soon and we should have the car buttoned up and ready for on track testing within a few weeks. As for now our goals are a few test days in mid April at CMP and Road ATL and our first race at 100% will be the one and only Global Time Attack Round 1 on May 10-11th, 2013. Come on out and cheer us on!

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