Friday, July 13, 2012

Let the Rebuilding Begin

   After contemplating a few different rebuild routes and trying to be most effective and efficient with our small budget we decided to rebuild in a similar fashion as before but we will be tubing in the front end and tieing it into the roll cage for a safer ride. We will also be putting the new SOHO Motorsports turbo kit on it. And also we will be doing some serious weight trimming and also some new aero all the way around the car. As for now we are gathering all of the necessary pieces for the rebuild and we are beginning the process asap. Hopefully we will be back on track within the next month or two, we have a lot of work to do but nothing we cant handle. Ill be updating with the rebuild process but for now here are a few photos.

The replacement rear quarter of the car

The Garret GTX35R turbo for the SOHO Motorsports Single Turbo Kit

For more info on the SOHO Motorsports Turbo Kit check out