Wednesday, September 26, 2012

G35 Rebuild Part 3: Almost Done!

   The #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 is back in the shop with all of the body work done and the mad scramble to get the new turbo system and everything else back together in time for Z Nationals begins! Here are a few sneak peak photos of the new fenders and tubular front end. There is so much more room in the engine bay now that George can stand in it haha. Also say goodbye to the old vinyl and the black color. New livery is coming soon for the G! Bye bye black!

G35 Rebuild Part 2

   The G is finally beginning to look like a car again, and this time it has some nice upgrades. Note that the new NASCAR seat has been mounted and tied into the cage. All of the new body pieces are set on the car and last but by no means least the engine is back in the engine bay and the tubular front end is coming along nicely. Jason from Bingz Customs is doing amazing work, and very quickly!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DSport Video Feature DVD #24

   I never posted this in the spring when DSport Magazine did a print feature on the G. Here is my video feature in the DSport DVD #24 check it out!

Monday, September 10, 2012

G35 Build Update!

Well of course once again with the car being rebuilt I have neglected to update the blog, so if there any of you out there that actually read this I apologize for my lack of updates. If you havent done so already check out my Facebook as I seem not to forget to update that. But anyway back to the G35 rebuild!

As you all know we have assembled all of the pieces necessary to rebuild the G including a whole new front end, bumpers, side skirts, fenders front and rear and a left door. That sounds like a ton but nothing on the car was broken other than the body work and the front left toe bolt. Its amazing how much the tire wall saved the car. My body seems to be hurt worse than the actual car was but thats a whole other story. With everything ready to rebuild we put the G in the hands of the only man we trust, our resident NASCAR fabricator Jason Binger. He is the same one who helped shape the original G but this time around we have a much more agressive plan for the car that you guys will see at a later date. But just as a hint it will be a bunch of badass yet subtle aero on the seemingly wide body beauty wrapped in SOHO Motorsports livery and sporting a new color combo of matte metallic blue azul and lots of carbon fiber. The G will look sexier than ever and as mean as can be.

So far we have gotten the new NASCAR aluminum seat fitted and positioned perfectly for me and also hard mounted to the chassis and roll cage just like NASCAR requires. Making the car as safe as humanly possible for me, so I can go as fast as humanly possible! Not to mention now I will be way more connected to the car and the inputs I receive as a driver. Not to mention it fits perfectly!

Along with the seat, the shell of the car is coming along nicely. With all of the torn up pieces off and the new body parts now on the car, thanks to the unbelievably hard work of Bingz the car, its starting to look like the Batmobile again! 

Except for the carbon fiber hood and all of the aero accents, which will be mean looking as hell, yet tasteful and very effective for downforce where needed. This car is going to look amazing and even more badass then before. The front end is going to be absurd when its all done, think a badass G35 front end NASCAR style with block off plates and air ducts and air channeling and kevlar spitter and everything else!

The car will feature a new SOHO Motorsports livery in a 'matte metallic blue azul' vinyl wrap provided by Phenominal Vinyl. The car wont have quite as many sponsors on it and will be a much simpler design than before. Featuring SOHO, Assaultech, Computech and Bingz logo's only.Check out the video preview here -  

 The beast has also finally gone back into the beauty! Check out the completely cleaned engine bay and awesome front end tubing, once again NASCAR style. The bumper bar, intercooler and radiator mounts are also being installed now. All of the front end work is tied into the chassis and the roll cage, to not only provide a much more responsive and stiffer chassis but also making it safer for the car and driver. Also notice the amount of extra room in the engine bay, we have taken nearly everything out of it that we could to make it easier to work on and also reduce clutter for easier cooling and also reduce front end weight (such as moving the battery back).

The #44 SOHO Motorsports Limited Global Time Attack G35 should be up and running in time for Z Nationals 2012 on October 5-7th in GA and AL. We will be working our asses off to get there but assuming no major issues occur we should be there. Next update should have a lot more stuff so be sure to check back here soon. I will be updating it regularly now.