Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ignite Racing Fuel: New Sponsor!

2014 is already shaping up to be a great season before we even hit the pavement. I had the pleasure of meeting the great group of guys from Ignite Racing Fuel at the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Annual Tradeshow in Indianapolis, IN in early December. I discussed with them my need for a higher octane fuel than the 100 we had been using in the #44 Global Time Attack Infiniti G35 and they told me they had the perfect product for me; their 108 Ignite Racing Gas Ethanol blend.

 "For a variety of reasons. IGNITE Racing Fuel is ethanol, so it burns cleaner—which is better for your engine and the environment. It’s a cooler-burning fuel, which also extends the life of your engine. And, most importantly, IGNITE provides more torque and power for the speed you demand. Then, there’s a substantial cost savings created by the use of ethanol. IGNITE Lubricants utilize a revolutionary corn base oil, that has been specially formulated to exceed the standards set in a variety of applications. With a high viscosity index, high flash point and natural lubricity, IGNITE's line of lubricants will help you run cooler, create more power, and protect your parts against wear and corrosion." 

 Ignite Racing Fuels have created the perfect race gas mix with ethanol and as such it required absolutely no changes in the tune or setup on my car. After a good re-tune and a few other changes on the car we even gained a good bit of power and seemed to be running at slightly lower temps. I would suggest Ignite 108 or 114 to anyone in any form of motorsport. I am proud to not only be a user of Ignite but also to announce that the #44 G35 will be sponsored by Ignite Racing Fuel and they will be supplying the fuel for our race program for a long time to come! Please show them support by visiting their website via the links above and also try out some of the amazing fuels and lubricants they make, I promise you won't be disappointed. Plus did I mention it smells amazing!?