Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Day at SOHO Open House!

   On Saturday Novemeber 24th we had our first SOHO Motorsports Open House at the shop, opening our doors to the public for the first time. We originally wanted to have the event to be a small meet at the shop for locals with the SOHO cars on the lifts and on display, grill out, raffle, friends and some of the areas best cars.

   Trying to keep the event to 'locals only' in an effort to fit the cars in our small lot we were every happy with the amount of cars that showed up, just enough to keep the lot full but without having to use the overflow lot. Based on the raffle tickets I gave out we had just around the perfect amount of 50 cars throughout the day. It was a relaxing Saturday at the shop, eating some of the free food off the grill and hanging out with some good friend and beautiful cars, and even Stella pup came out and said hi haha.

   We had what seemed to be 75% Nissan/Infiniti's which of course we were happy to see as that is definitely our niche but there was a good mix of other cars too from BMW's to Mustangs and everything in between. Everyone got a good look around the shop and got to see the SOHO Turbo Kit and the #44 Time Attack G35 up close and personal on the lifts. Everyone seemed to be very impressed with what we have been working on lately and it was nice to open the doors and share our passion with everyone. We will absolutely be doing these open house / grill out events more often when it begins to get warmer again next year. I wish I could spend every Saturday, not at the track, like that. The SOHO Open House truly was a fun day.

For more photos from the event check out the SOHO Open House Facebook Photo Album

Friday, November 23, 2012

Reppin' The New Sponsors!

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve & Wastegate!

Thanks to our most newest sponsor TurboSmart for the hook up on their blow off valve and waste gate to be run on the #44 Time Attack G35. Cant wait to put them on the car.

New Apparel! G & Z Thang Shirts for 2013!

Introducing the new KPR G Thang and Z Thang t-shirts for pre order today! You guys kept asking for a Z version to go along with the G one so here it is! Ill be printing a limited number of these shirts so make sure you buy yours today!

Mishimoto Sponsor Page

One of my newest sponsors treats their drivers very well, check out my own driver info page on their website! Pretty cool if I dont say so myself. KPR / Mishimoto Driver Page

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2013 Livery for the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35

New Sponsors for 2013 - Mishimoto, TurboSmart & Phantasm!

   The tumultuous year that has been 2012 is coming to an end that means one thing; time to prepare for the 2013 season and begin the annual scavenge to get sponsorship help for the next long year of battles on track. And with our goals and ambitions at an all time high, 2013 is going to be a big year for the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 as we plan to run the full Global Time Attack season across America and win the overall Limited Class Championship! With expectations like that we need more help than our small operation can handle, and that's where our amazing sponsors save the day!

   With the beginning of the annual race to get sponsors during the offseason November has been a good month so far the #44 G35. We are proud to announce three new sponsors. Mishimoto Automotive for our radiators and oil coolers. TurboSmart for our blow off valve, waste gate and possibly eBoost boost controller. And Phantasm for the vinyl on the car for the year. These three companies are a great addition to the #44 G35 team and we are excited to represent them throughout the 2013 season and beyond! Make sure you check out each of their website's on the link bar to the right of the page or on the sponsors page.

Monday, November 12, 2012

SOHO Motorsports First Open House!

Come out to the SOHO Motorsports Open House from 12pm-4pm on Saturday November 24th for a laid back day of SOHO cars on the lifts and on display, some of the best local cars, good friends, raffle and some food on the grill! We will have the doors open and the cars on the lift, for an up close look at our shop and everything we have been working on lately. From our new SOHO VQ35DE Single Turbo Kit on our shop 350Z to our newly rebuilt #44 Time Attack G35. So come out and enjoy a lazy Saturday at the shop and enjoy one of the last shindigs of the season! Parking is limited so we are trying to keep this thing more of a local crowd, although all are welcome from in or out of town.

Check out the event link on Facebook -
Or for more info on SOHO Motorsports visit our website -

Sunday, November 11, 2012

East Coast Fitment Festival & Metal In Motion

   Charlotte, NC seems to be the epicenter of not only NASCAR but also a drifting and stance car mecca of sorts. Our local drifting scene is absolutely amazing thanks to Brian and Todd Phillips from Streetwise Drift. They run an awesome Formula Drift Pro Am series in the southeast and many events here in Charlotte. I have known these guys since I moved here and have watched their series grow from some small events into a miniature drift empire and it couldn't happen to better guys. Who know maybe ill go drift in an event or two in between grip races. But as for the stance scene, I have seen many different car cultures in different area and none seem to match the quality, enthusiasm and sheer number of massive events as I see in Charlotte. And the best part is that with the close proximity to nearly every where in the southeast we get all of the best cars from the entire region at all of our events, which makes for huge turnouts. Obviously i'm a little more submersed in the car culture these days thanks to the whole racing thing and working at SOHO Motorsports, but it still blows my mind when Charlotte does a car event they do it huge!

Video taken by person at event -

   This year we had one particular event that seemed to be one everyone marked on the calendar. Streetwise Drift, Stance Nation and Insane Stance & Offset all teamed of for one colossal event at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the East Coast Fitment Festival & Metal In Motion Drift Event. With an event this big we obviously had to be there and represent SOHO Motorsports and show off our new SOHO Single Turbo Kit. But with my freshly broken leg, at home in Maryland two days away from the event, it wasn't going to be an easy task to make the event on Saturday after my appointment on Thursday and with no one to drive but myself, with my broken driving foot (right). So after icing my foot Friday morning I took the 6 hour drive using my pounding foot on the throttle the whole way, straight to CMS to set up the booth. Thankfully Tony Parrish from Outside the Garage was there to help me unload the tent and seats and everything else for our vendor booth. Exhausted and in serious pain I drove home and crash, on my bed, to wake up early the next morning and go to the event.

   Bright and early we got to Charlotte Motors Speedway as the sun was rising and passed the long lines by flashing the always helpful vendor pass and got to setting up. Knowing it would be a very long day and my foot killing me from the drive needles to say I took my pain pills to get through the day and I was in rare form haha. We got right to work setting up the vendor booth, product table organized and the shop EvoX, shop Turbo 350Z and our buddy Javier's 370Z all lined up around the tent we were finally good to go and I sat back with my foot elevated with Nik, Javier, Sid and Tony all hanging out shooting the shit. We had our new SOHO Hoodies for sale and they sold out quick, but luckily we have more now, so order yours today! 

   The event was a huge success! We sold a ton of product and got to see a lot of good old friends and made plenty of new ones. I couldn't get around to see much because of my obvious limited walking abilities, crouches, and also because there was always a ton of people out our tent, which was great! There were thousands of beautiful cars of every single type all high quality and right next to them was another amazing Streetwise Drift Metal In Motion event with some of the best drifters in the region. It was an awesome day for any gear head and well worth my 6 hour drive. We look forward to this event next year and even more so to the next event in the area, our SOHO Open House on November 24th!

Video from Slidewaze -

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Broke My Damn Foot!

Thats right, Dale Earnhardt Sr. posthumously broke the tip of my fibula and tore ligaments in my ankle. Now im sure you have some questions at this point so let me explain the absurdly stupid story that made this all happen. As any broke race car driver can tell you, for Halloween the easiest thing to be is, well, a race car driver. So with the assistance of my fake 80's mustache, old school open face helmet, fire suit and racing shoes (which were new and wasnt a fan of). With that image in your head let me supply you with the much funnier actual version -

Anyway back to my stupidity. Dressed as Dale Earnhardt Sr. for my brothers Halloween party we were playing some late night corn-hole (thats right corn-hole) and when my buddy went to throw his last shot I jumped up approximately 3 inches haha and when I came down the new racing shoes rolled and my ankle hit the ground... Hurting immediately and terribly bad, we took a very late night trip to the E.R. and after some xrays and pain pills I was told it was the tip of my fibula broken and torn ligaments in my ankle. According to my orthopedic specialist I should be down for 4-6 weeks. Im about 2 weeks in now and things are starting to look good along with physical therapy I should be good to go in time for our scheduled test day of December 2nd at the brand new Atlanta Motorsports Park. Wish me luck, im gonna need it haha.