Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Sponsors for 2013 - Mishimoto, TurboSmart & Phantasm!

   The tumultuous year that has been 2012 is coming to an end that means one thing; time to prepare for the 2013 season and begin the annual scavenge to get sponsorship help for the next long year of battles on track. And with our goals and ambitions at an all time high, 2013 is going to be a big year for the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 as we plan to run the full Global Time Attack season across America and win the overall Limited Class Championship! With expectations like that we need more help than our small operation can handle, and that's where our amazing sponsors save the day!

   With the beginning of the annual race to get sponsors during the offseason November has been a good month so far the #44 G35. We are proud to announce three new sponsors. Mishimoto Automotive for our radiators and oil coolers. TurboSmart for our blow off valve, waste gate and possibly eBoost boost controller. And Phantasm for the vinyl on the car for the year. These three companies are a great addition to the #44 G35 team and we are excited to represent them throughout the 2013 season and beyond! Make sure you check out each of their website's on the link bar to the right of the page or on the sponsors page.

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  1. Hey Kevin. Im beginning the process of transforming my coupe in to a purpose built racing machine. As I can see you have quite a few sponsors and wanted to know how I could start acquiring some sponsorship's as well. I'm no where close to your level but hope to get there soon. thanks for any advice you can give