Friday, November 9, 2012

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Broke My Damn Foot!

Thats right, Dale Earnhardt Sr. posthumously broke the tip of my fibula and tore ligaments in my ankle. Now im sure you have some questions at this point so let me explain the absurdly stupid story that made this all happen. As any broke race car driver can tell you, for Halloween the easiest thing to be is, well, a race car driver. So with the assistance of my fake 80's mustache, old school open face helmet, fire suit and racing shoes (which were new and wasnt a fan of). With that image in your head let me supply you with the much funnier actual version -

Anyway back to my stupidity. Dressed as Dale Earnhardt Sr. for my brothers Halloween party we were playing some late night corn-hole (thats right corn-hole) and when my buddy went to throw his last shot I jumped up approximately 3 inches haha and when I came down the new racing shoes rolled and my ankle hit the ground... Hurting immediately and terribly bad, we took a very late night trip to the E.R. and after some xrays and pain pills I was told it was the tip of my fibula broken and torn ligaments in my ankle. According to my orthopedic specialist I should be down for 4-6 weeks. Im about 2 weeks in now and things are starting to look good along with physical therapy I should be good to go in time for our scheduled test day of December 2nd at the brand new Atlanta Motorsports Park. Wish me luck, im gonna need it haha.

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