Sunday, November 11, 2012

East Coast Fitment Festival & Metal In Motion

   Charlotte, NC seems to be the epicenter of not only NASCAR but also a drifting and stance car mecca of sorts. Our local drifting scene is absolutely amazing thanks to Brian and Todd Phillips from Streetwise Drift. They run an awesome Formula Drift Pro Am series in the southeast and many events here in Charlotte. I have known these guys since I moved here and have watched their series grow from some small events into a miniature drift empire and it couldn't happen to better guys. Who know maybe ill go drift in an event or two in between grip races. But as for the stance scene, I have seen many different car cultures in different area and none seem to match the quality, enthusiasm and sheer number of massive events as I see in Charlotte. And the best part is that with the close proximity to nearly every where in the southeast we get all of the best cars from the entire region at all of our events, which makes for huge turnouts. Obviously i'm a little more submersed in the car culture these days thanks to the whole racing thing and working at SOHO Motorsports, but it still blows my mind when Charlotte does a car event they do it huge!

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   This year we had one particular event that seemed to be one everyone marked on the calendar. Streetwise Drift, Stance Nation and Insane Stance & Offset all teamed of for one colossal event at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the East Coast Fitment Festival & Metal In Motion Drift Event. With an event this big we obviously had to be there and represent SOHO Motorsports and show off our new SOHO Single Turbo Kit. But with my freshly broken leg, at home in Maryland two days away from the event, it wasn't going to be an easy task to make the event on Saturday after my appointment on Thursday and with no one to drive but myself, with my broken driving foot (right). So after icing my foot Friday morning I took the 6 hour drive using my pounding foot on the throttle the whole way, straight to CMS to set up the booth. Thankfully Tony Parrish from Outside the Garage was there to help me unload the tent and seats and everything else for our vendor booth. Exhausted and in serious pain I drove home and crash, on my bed, to wake up early the next morning and go to the event.

   Bright and early we got to Charlotte Motors Speedway as the sun was rising and passed the long lines by flashing the always helpful vendor pass and got to setting up. Knowing it would be a very long day and my foot killing me from the drive needles to say I took my pain pills to get through the day and I was in rare form haha. We got right to work setting up the vendor booth, product table organized and the shop EvoX, shop Turbo 350Z and our buddy Javier's 370Z all lined up around the tent we were finally good to go and I sat back with my foot elevated with Nik, Javier, Sid and Tony all hanging out shooting the shit. We had our new SOHO Hoodies for sale and they sold out quick, but luckily we have more now, so order yours today! 

   The event was a huge success! We sold a ton of product and got to see a lot of good old friends and made plenty of new ones. I couldn't get around to see much because of my obvious limited walking abilities, crouches, and also because there was always a ton of people out our tent, which was great! There were thousands of beautiful cars of every single type all high quality and right next to them was another amazing Streetwise Drift Metal In Motion event with some of the best drifters in the region. It was an awesome day for any gear head and well worth my 6 hour drive. We look forward to this event next year and even more so to the next event in the area, our SOHO Open House on November 24th!

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