Friday, April 26, 2013

New Clutch. New Transmission. New ECU.

Thats right, along with all of the other things that we replaced on the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack Infiniti G35 we also changed out a few other core essentials to finish out the pre-season build.  With the current transmission sticking a bit when going into gear we decided to be safe rather than sorry and replace it with a nearly new Nissan MY009 transmission to make sure the G is in perfect order. Also we replaced the worn out and slipping Exedy twin carbon disk clutch with a brand new and badass prototype twin disk carbon kevlar clutch from our sponsor Competition Clutch! And lastly but quite possibly most important was finally replacing the stock ecu with a brand new Haltech Platinum Pro Plug In ecu to give Nik all of the control he could possibly need to tune the car to perfection! With these final additions the #44 G35 is finally race ready, minus the new vinyl but thats coming very soon so check back at the site soon.

Competition Clutch Joins the Team

With the 2013 Time Attack season getting very close to beginning for us with Global Time Attack Round 1 at Road Atlanta right around the corner on May 10-11th there were a few things left to do to the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35, one of which was replacing the well worn out Exedy carbon twin disk clutch. As with everything we do for this car, except the clutch we got isnt quite available to the public yet: the prototype Competition Clutch Twin Disc Carbon-Kevlar M2 Clutch! Along with adding quite possibly the best clutch humanly possible on the G, we also added Competition Clutch to the #44 team as our newest sponsor! Be on the lookout for a complete review of the clutch and be sure to check out their website at

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The #44 G35 v2 Lives Again!

Version 2 of the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack Infiniti G35 finally lives again! As you all have read on previous posts the G35 has had some dramatic changes in the last calendar year. After wrecking in the last session of Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2012 we rebuilt the car better than ever thanks to some amazing handy work by Bingz Customz. There are many detailed posts about the process in past posts but in case you missed it we completely tore down the car, chopped off the front end and re created the front end of the car "NASCAR style" and tied it into the roll cage. With the new setup all of the fiberglass front end was removed and replaced with a much lighter, stiffer and more functional front end. Along with the new hard chassis components we added a set of sway bars from our brand new sponsor Whiteline Suspension to tie all of the other suspension components we already have from KW and SPL Pro Parts.

With the new chassis completely finished and no more races left on the schedule we decided to tear the engine down during the winter offseason for some internal additions thanks to our newest sponsors Brian Crower and Jim Wolf Technology. The engine was already completely built but we swapped out a few of the components for better ones such as oversized valves and new cams. The full build list can be found on the The Car page above. In addition to the new engine internals we replaced the GT35 turbo with a brand new GTX35R turbo supplied by our sponsor Turbo By Garrett to put the car well above the power range we were at last season. To handle the new setup we replaced the Uprev tuned stock ecu with a new Haltech Platinum Pro Plug in ecu, giving us much more control over the engine. That combined with our new Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controller tuning should never be an issue on the #44 car. And not to be outdone by the performance additions Hankook Tire pulled through for the season and supplied us with a few sets of stick Hankook Ventus TD tires to transfer all of that new power to pavement. Check out some of the preview photos of version 2 and be sure to check back soon for dyno, test and race day video and updates. And be sure to come out and see us at Global Time Attack Road Atlanta on May 10-11th!

For more photos checkout the KPR Facebook!

Turbosmart eBoost2!!!

Our awesome sponsors at Turbosmart USA have once again outdone themselves and continue to support the #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 team, and this time its with a awesome addition to our setup: the Turbosmart e-Boost2! Replacing our old and limited feature boost controller we are switching to this much more impressive and quite frankly badass boost controller. Check out this video from Turbosmart explaining the product far better than I could: