Saturday, March 23, 2013

Forza Official!

Growing up I loved, loved, loved racing video games! And in my quest to be one of the fastest Time Attack racers on the planet I have grown to love racing games even more such as Forza, but only because it has some of the tracks I drive on and also has the car I drive. But to make it even better, thanks to some of my amazing fans from all over the world, my #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack Infiniti G35 is now at the fingertips of anyone with an XBox!!! Thanks to Jesper all the way from Denmark for designing an identical replica of the #44 car for all of us to enjoy! Make sure you download it on the Forza Storefront, and see what its like to be behind the wheel of my car! Its still unreal to me every time I get on and play but man is it neat. Thanks everyone, you guys really are the best fans!

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