Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Road to Redemption at Road Atlanta!

Awesome advertisement header on Global Time Attack's Website!

   Its almost that time of the year again. The SOHO Motorsports #44 G35 is nearly ready to race, testing will begin in a couple of weeks and racing a few after that but the biggest, most anticipated event on our calendar is Global Time Attack Round #1 at Road Atlanta! Our 'Road to Redemption" as i'm dubbing it, somewhat because I love me some alliteration but more importantly because this is the same event that we wrecked the car at the end of last years event. The car was doing great last year until a little too much throttle and a newly wet curb in turn 7 quickly got the car sideways and into the wall, ruining our great weekend and set us back for the rest of the year from the damage. We ran a 1:33 lap last year and with the new setup we are looking to do much better than that and hopefully on the podium in the Limited RWD Class.

   Come out to Road Atlanta on May 10-11th and cheer us on while enjoying an awesome weekend of some of the fastest Time Attack cars in the country and an awesome show put on by Formula Drift as well! Its one of the best events of the year and easily the most fan friendly one on the calendar, so come out, come by the pit and buy a shirt and root for us to do some work!

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