Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Z Con 2011 at Savannah, GA

    The week of ZCon 2011 in Savannah, GA was the hottest week the eastern seaboard of the US has seen in a very long time, so as any racing enthusiast it was only right to take the car we just finished building and put it through its paces by taking a little road trip. After packing the G's trunk full Christina and I embarked on the 4 hour 130+ degree non AC race car from Charlotte to beautiful Savannah, and no surprise to us it was hot as humanly possible but the car didnt even have a single problem whatsoever. After enjoying the downtown Savannah scenery and the Z car shows that seemed to be upset we brought a gun (G35) to a knife fight (350Z), with all of the car show and everything else out of the way it was time to race and I was excited to try out the new tune. Once again it was an autox and hot as can be but the car handle perfectly and with a sway bar adjustment in the second session I pulled away with the fastest time. The week in Savannah was a true test of endurance for the freshly built G and it passed with flying colors... Now enough of this autox stuff its time to go road racing!!!

Dont forget there are always more photos on the KPR Facebook!

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