Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Z Nationals Track Day @ Atlanta Motor Speedway

   The Z Nationals 2011 Car Show and Track day hosted by Z1 Motorsports in Atlanta, GA was the first time the whole team with both the Z and G where out together since the G35 has been finished and with the cars cleaned up and ready to race we headed down 85 to Atlanta dark and early Saturday morning. We arrived in Atlanta right on time and dropped of the SOHO EvoX at Competition Clutch for some new goodies, but thats a whole other story. When we got to Z1 we were immediatly taken back by how many Z/G cars there where and as soon as we parked we got plenty of attention. Every single car there was impressive in there own respect and it was a very well done show and dyno day, hats off to the guys from Z1 for putting on such an awesome event for all of us to see some friends and meet some new ones. As great as the car show was on Saturday the real fun began on Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The track day used the full infiield and part of the oval and had a top speed of over 170 in our G35 on the embankment and well over 120 a few other times making it a very quick 2.5 miles. With our first time out after testing we had a great outing and where absolutely flying. Our driver, Kevin Parlett, was driving the wheels off of the car with our buddys from Momentum Performance right behind in their track 350Z and Mule car. The G35 was fast right out of the gate once we learned the course and did a few suspension adjustments to the SOHO G35 and Momentum 350Z, both cars where blistering fast bumper to bumper around the track definetly demonstrating how well built both cars are. We had an absolute blast at the 2011 Z Nationals, it is by far one of the best Z/G gathering in the country and we look forward to 2012. In the meantime enjoy the photos and video from the weekend and for more event coverage check out http://kparlettracing.blogspot.com/

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