Thursday, May 17, 2012

1st Annual Charlotte Showdown Awesome Success!!!

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The SOHO Motorsports / CES Motorsports 1st Annual Charlotte Showdown | East vs West turned out to be a great event. Having advertised on nearly every forum we could think of and personally inviting hundreds on Facebook we knew there would be a pretty good crowd before the event began and the perfectly blue skies and mid 70's temperature there was no place better to be on the first Sunday of May then at CES Motorsport, taking in all of the beautiful cars and fumes from the dyno. 
The show started off at 10am strapping down the first car on the dyno and nearly one of the car show parking lots completely full, the dj had just started and people began flowing in. Car club and group after group streamed into the event hard parking in the numerous lots we had available. The mix of cars was very eclectic but all of them where well done and everyone seemed to be having a good time. 
Inside CES we had the dyno running with the East vs West competition running strong. The competition pitted the top 5 highest combined HP and TQ from each side East or West added up to crown a champion. The East consisted of cars built in Asia or Eastern Hemisphere (SOHO Motorsports Side) and the West consisted of cars built in Europe / America or Western Hemisphere (CES Motorsports Side). We had over 25 cars dyno with each of them getting 3 pulls and a raffle ticket for just $35. When all was said and done and everything from Supras to BMW's to G35's and Cobra's where dyno'd and the East side pulled out the win even after we added two wild card shop cars from each side. The total was East at 5,146.53 to the West's respectable 4,831.55. Below is a list of the chart with the top cars and owners from each respective side with power numbers, keep in mind when looking at numbers that it was a hot and humid day.
With hundreds of cars, food, dyno pulls, beautiful cars and women and everyone with smile and  tons of positive feedback, the 1st Annual Charlotte Showdown was a success and we look forward to the next one! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for coming out!

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