Saturday, February 23, 2013

MotorTrend Magazine's Project 370Z Challenge Finalist!

   MotorTrend Magazine teamed up with the Nissan's Project 370Z for a contest to find a challenge car to go head to head at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In case you're not familiar with Project 370Z it was a car built by social media in a marketing campaign by Nissan. The online community picked every part chosen to modify a stock Nissan 370Z through many rounds of voting on Facebook from wheels and tires to suspension and engine components and everything in between. After completing the build and debuting the car last year at ZDayz, MotorTrend Magazine decided it would make for a good time to search America for a challenger Z car to take on the Project 370Z at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We entered the contest at the very last minute and luckily for us we were chosen as one of the 37 semi-finalists and then we were selected as on the 3 last finalists! Now we are waiting to see if we have won the grand prize or not!!! Hopefully with a little bit more luck we will win the contest and have the car shipped out, along with us flown out to Las Vegas and see how our SOHO Motorsports 350Z stacks up against Nissan Project 370Z! We are keeping our finger's crossed, wish us luck!

Update (3/8/13): Unfortunately we didnt win but we were one of the three finalists and glad to be a part of the competition. We would have loved to gone out to Las Vegas and win but it wasn't meant to be, maybe next time!


  1. Can ppl come and view this event .....

  2. Im not sure to be honest, but unfortunately we didnt end up being the one chosen for it but we were happy with being one of the 3 finalists