Friday, May 31, 2013

What Happens at ZDayz Stays at ZDayz!

The SOHO cars with the one and only Nissan Juke-R Prototype. Google it.
   Every year there is one event when planning my racing schedule that makes me the happiest to add to the calendar; the annual ZDayz weekend in the Smoky Mountains. Although its not even a race it is still one of the best weekends of the year where thousands of Z and G enthusiasts young and old take over the Fontana Village at the base of the 11 mile 320+ turn Tail of the Dragon road. It is a full weekend of fast cars, amazing roads, awesome events, friends and family, fun, shenanigans, alcohol and everything in between. Its a weekend where everyone from the enthusiasts to the sponsors just enjoy a relaxing weekend of no cell phone service, beautiful nature and 1,000+ of our closest friends. I wont go into too much detail about the weekend as most of it is hard to piece together haha but its also one of those events you have to experience to truly understand. 

   Along with a great weekend of relaxing and partying with like minded Nissan enthusiasts there are also a few events and a sponsor midway with everyone from Nissan USA to local shops like ourselves. This year SOHO Motorsports was a sponsor/partner for the first time so we had our booth setup in the midway with the #44 G35, shop Turbo Z, Steve Ruyan's #88 350Z and a customer car with a boosted stroker VQ G35. Along with showcasing the cars we have recently built we were also debuting our new SOHO Motorsports Full Exhaust System for Nissan Z's and Infiniti G's. The new exhaust components were on display on our table at our tent, on all of the cars in our booth, and we had a free one being given away as a door prize along with Steve's naturally aspirated 350Z entered into the 2013 Best Sounding Exhaust Competition to showcase how amazing our exhaust sounds compared to all of the other Z's, G's, GTR's and everything else in the competition of over 50+ different cars and exhausts. 

   After hearing all of the competitors from the rusted exhausts of old Nissans to the brand new very expensive exhausts on the new GTR's somehow the SOHO Motorsports Single Exit exhaust system won the entire judged competition outright! It was an awesome weekend not only for the SOHO Motorsports team but was great to see a ton of old friends and make plenty of new ones! Here is the video of the winning run - This is by far one of the most fun events of the year and we look forward to 2014! Be sure to check out our fb photo album from the event and visit the ZDayz website for more info and to register for next year. 

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