Friday, August 23, 2013

FlatOut With SuperCars @ Roebling Road

   Its not very often when our #44 SOHO Motorsports Time Attack G35 is on track with anything other than track cars these days so when we get a chance to attend an event like a Flat Out Motorsports Track Day we never say no. Flat Out offers tons of track time at some of the best road courses in the south east at one of the best costs out there. But to make it even better the entry list is usually limited to a very small number of about 40-60 cars total and most of those cars are supercars. I don't use that word lightly either but damn if most of the car's tracking alongside us weren't true supercars. From multiple Audi R8's and Vipers to a full fleet of race prepped Porsche Cup cars and even some fully built Lamborghini's. Walking through the paddock on Saturday morning was pretty damn impressive and the group of guys running were all great fun and true automotive enthusiasts.

   This Flat Out event was in Savannah, GA at Roebling Road Raceway which is actually pretty close to us here in Charlotte, NC at only about a 4 hour drive. With the new additions to the car after NJMP we knew we needed a quality test weekend to make sure the car's overheating problem was fixed and also use the track time to further dial in the G35 since we have had limited quality track time this season. Unfortunately just as in NJMP the weather gods did not want to cooperate and nearly all day Saturday it was raining. Not to let that ruin our test weekend we went ahead and tracked all day anyway and had a blast doing it. With plenty of wide open track thanks to the small run groups we quickly realized that our mid season adjustments had fixed all of our problems and I could say for the first time all season the #44 G35 was at 100%. Unfortunately on Sunday we did end up having an issue with a power steering pump failure at the end of the straight away around 150mph but no damage was done and the pump which was still the 8 year old original was replaced with a new one. We had a blast at the event and look forward to future Flat Out events next year.

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