Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Aerodynamics from Bingz Customz!

In preparation of competing in the biggest Time Attack event on this side of the planet, Super Lap Battle, I finally followed up on my original build vision for the car and got Jason from Bingz Customz in Denver, NC to complete the aero package to make the car much more aero efficient. Super Lap Battle / Global Time Attack along with SORC Media (SuperStreet Magazine, Modified Magazine etc...) will be holding their 10th annual premier TA event at Buttonwillow Raceway in the middle of nowhere California this year and with the help of our awesome sponsor Turbo By Garrett we will be trailering the #44 G35 cross country to compete for the title. As always we will be competing in the Limited RWD class with a field stacked with unbelievably impressive cars and drivers with tons of experience around the Buttonwillow CW13 track configuration.

Having never been around the track and with no clue what setup will be needed we figured it was as good a time as any to add our aero package, especially at a track we are told is very aero dependent. Along with never having been ther we are easily in the most competitive class of Limited RWD and will be up against teams that have just recently shattered track records during testing. To help in any way we can to make the car faster Jason added some front bumper canards to help keep the front end planted around the turns and a rear diffuser that finally allows the undercarriage air to travel out of the rear end of the car more efficiently (before the rear bumper was acting like a parachute) allowing for faster straight away speeds and hopefully lower lap times. We will see how it does and I will report back, but until then enjoy how beautiful it all is! For mote photos check out the FB Gallery.

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