Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CCR AutoX #5 - Tyvola Coliseum, Charlotte

Central Carolina Chamionship Autocross #6 was held at the old Tyvola Coliseum parking lot in Charlotte. This was the first time the club has used this lot and it was medium sized with a few bumps and cracks in the surface and overall slick and dusty. The course layout was a fun but a very slow and technical course that challenged even the best autoxer.  This raceday was an interesting one for me since I was pulling double duty, racing points in FStock in John's Camaro and also running the G35 in Pax- STX/STO. Coming into the 6th event of this series I have won every race in the G35, except the last one at Michelin that I did not attend, so I had asked 2nd place in points John Clark to co drive his Camaro and he agreed. When it came time for Heat 3 John and I had to hot lap the Camaro due to the small run group and the street tires were very warm due to the Camaro sliding all over the dusty track. When it came down to our 4th run I opted out because the tires were too warm and John and I's 3rd runs would be our fastest. The end result was him beating my fastest run of 51.670 by .003 seconds to hand me my first defeat of 2010. Thanks John for letting me drive the car and if there was anyone I would like to lose to it would be you for sure! After points racing it was time to have fun and see what the G could put down on the new track. With a few tire pressure adjustments and trying to avoid certain bumps on the course I finished the day near the top with a 47.945 sec. If I had been running points with the STX class in the G35 that would have been 1st place for the event. Here is a video of my last and fastest run-

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