Sunday, March 2, 2014

Final Issue of Modified Magazine: SLB & PRI

Modified Magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines since I first fell in love with sports cars in high school. In fact they were probably one of the biggest influences along with Super Street and Turbo Magazine. Unfortunately I guess all great things must come to an end and this story is no different. After years of publishing a quality magazine the powers that be decided that Modified wasn't profitable enough and as of March 2014 there will be no more Modified Magazine.

Sadly the April 2014 issue below was the last issue ever printed although it is very bittersweet I am proud to say that I am in this magazine twice! Well technically speaking at least. In the last issue not only did they do a feature on the Super Lap Battle / Global Time Attack Finale at Buttonwillow featuring an image of my car in action but they also wrote a review article about last year's PRI Tradeshow and featured the Computech (family company) DataMaxx Data Acquisition System on the first page of the story. I cant thank the staff enough for the many years of quality reading and a special shoutout to Peter Tarach for the awesome placement of the DataMaxx. Also featured below is the Super Lap Battle press coverage in Super Street Magazine. It was certainly a good month of exposure for the #44 team!

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