Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nissan World Challenge Crew Chief!

I am very proud to announce a new and exciting endeavor in my racing career; Crew Chief of the #07 Nissan Pirelli World Challenge Nismo 370Z driven by Brian Kleeman in the GTS class! I will be the first to admit I would barely call myself a driver before ever thinking about calling myself a mechanic let alone a crew chief but as many of you reading this know I have pretty extensive experience with Nissan Z's and Infiniti G's. So when Brian was switching teams during this off season he thought to ask me to head up the crew for the #07 370Z for the 2014 Pirelli World Challenge season. I hesitantly accepted the job offer and quickly was thrusted in to professional racing at one of the highest levels.

The Pirelli World Challenge Championship Series is the most prominent sports car racing series in North America. Running as an accompanying race across the country alongside series such as Indycar and NASCAR there are two different racing classes that bring out nearly every manufacturer in the world; GT and GTS. The GT class is the high horsepower purpose built factory cars with around 800hp and light as can be. The GT class diversity is truly impressive and quite possibly the best among sports car racing in the world with Ferrari, Audi, Cadillac, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Bentley, Chevy and too many more too list. We are in the lower horse powered more rule restricted GTS class alongside Chevy, Ford, Kia, Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW, Subaru's and many other large brands. Both GT and GTS cars compete alongside each other in 50 minute races and often double race weekends. The standing start of nearly 50 of the fastest sports cars on the planet is truly and impressive site to take in from pit lane.

The World Challenge series travels all over North America with its vast different classes but the GT/GTS schedule has us going to nearly every corner of the country and even over the border to the land of Canadian bacon. So go check my updated race and crew schedule and see if we are coming to your town this year! Also all of our races are televised the follow week on NBC Sports Network and a live stream from World Challenge themselves can be found at World-ChallengeTV.com

If you couldn't tell I wrote this article after already attending the first few races of the season as I have been unbelievably busy and haven't had time to keep up with the website. So if you cant tell, some of the photos in this post are from this season so far and are after I should be announcing this. The season has been a very interesting experience so far and I have learned more than I ever thought possible and look forward to learning more and improving every race weekend. Follow me on Facebook or Brian Kleeman like page for updates on the World Challenge side of things as I will not update for each race on this site like I will on social media.

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